Bad News Begets Good News

So, I bet you guys are (probably not) wondering whatever happened to this dusty old blog, huh? Well, long story short – I won’t be updating the Durants anymore – not because of lack of interest or anything like that – but because my game became royally borked a few months back, and after losing three generations of Sims – I didn’t have the heart to get back into it; it was so bad that I literally had to delete my entire Sims 3 installs and reinstall everything fresh – I’m sure you realize how that can take a toll on someone.

But fear not!

With all this hum drum bad news, I come bearing an imminent gift! I have decided to pick back up on Legacy writing – though I won’t be using the Durants in my story – I have decided to start fresh.  I’ll still be updating everything on this page so you won’t have to go anywhere new, but I am going to have to get things in order with Sims and stuff – but I’ve got a brand new story in the works and everything – I’m deathly upset at the loss of the Durants – but I hope to be able to keep these new guys going for quite a while – stay tuned!