Back To The Basics

This is where I will be outlining the general rules for this legacy and all pertinent rules and restrictions I must follow.  I am going to be following the “Pinstar Legacy Challenge” rules which state:

  • No cheating. Plain and simple, no money or mood cheats. You may use custom objects, as long as their price and mood effects are in line with similar ‘official’ objects. Objects purchased from the Sim Store are considered ‘official’ as well as the ones included with the game.
  • Aging and story progression must be on and lifespans set to the normal level.
  • The Legacy family must be the “Active Household” during the entire challenge. You may never switch the active household to another family. If you want to take a break from Legacy play, it is recommended you play in another saved game slot.
  • No Ambrosia! Your sims may learn the recipe for Ambrosia, but may not cook or consume the dish. Nor may ambrosia be used to resurrect ghosts.
  • You may not ressurect dead sims via the Science lab.
  • Sims may not consume life fruit to gain extra days to their lifespan.
  • You may age sims up via the birthday cake only once the game prompts you with a reminder of their impending birthday, not earlier. You do not have to use the birthday cake to age sims up, you can wait for the game to force the age transition if you wish.
  • Death Flowers may not be kept in inventory. You may gather and sell them, but cannot be used to ward off death.

In terms of inheritance, I have decided that the firstborn child (male or female) will be automatically chosen as heir to the estate. In the case that there are twins or triplets, I will put the next heir up to a vote by the readers. In the unexpected event of death, the next highest voted Sim will take their place, and so on and so on. I will not overtly describe which traits belong to which Sim, but will of course take their traits into consideration when planning personalities and characters.

There will be staged sections of the storyline in which I will create a copy of the game and forcibly move out and set up various situations for the legacy family and all those involved, though nothing of record will kept for the original legacy file, though relationship changes and such will still be noted.

I also will not be counting legacy points, as I’m doing this purely for story purposes, not as a competition.  Also I’ll be modifying the aging of the game to one level above normal, against Pinstar’s rules, though that will be the only change (so far) that I’ve made.

If you’d like to view the full list of rules, stipulations and information on the legacy challenge, you may do so here.

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