Chapter 03: Acceptance

riding the airwaves

Life had inverted for Tyler Fairview – literally no more than 48 hours ago, he was busy sitting at home (freezing, of course) and watching the news – he never would’ve guessed that in two days, his entire world would’ve been turned upside down AND inside out?

“No. He was Bitten. By a Vampire.”


When he first heard the words, there was almost nothing he could do to stop from laughing.  His landlady was crazy! Vampires? That’s what she came up with?!

After his laughing fit – during which Esperanza was busy pacing around the room muttering to herself – he proceeded to take charge of the situation – or attempt to.  “Okay, all right, all right, now that that’s over and done with, what do you say we get him to a hospital?” He said, hoisting Kevin up against a wall while dialing 911 again.

no jokes

This seemed to snap Esperanza out of her internal monologue.  “No, no! Whatever you do, we cannot let him around anyone right now, it’s much too dangerous!” Tyler resisted the urge to laugh – apparently, she was still going on with this vampire shtick.  “All right, I’ll play along, what’s he gonna do? Bite them and drain their blood?” Tyler joked.  Esperanza however, was not joking.  Her face stern and focused, she spoke.  “If you don’t take me seriously, how about I wake him up and set him on you?”

Admittedly, Tyler was a bit scared now – but he still didn’t believe any of this was real.  “Look, there’s no such thing as vampires!” He said, obviously getting exasperated by this game she had him playing.  Esperanza sighed.  She didn’t want to have to do this, but she knew full well that Tyler was one of those people who didn’t believe something unless they saw it with their own eyes.

If proof was what he wanted, she’d have to give it to him.

esperanza and sebastian

Shutting the door to his apartment, Esperanza turned back to the two men.  “I was hoping to wait a bit longer to do this…” Snapping her fingers, a small black cat appeared by her side. “Sebastian, if you please…” She said, obviously talking to the small creature beside her.  The cat mewed and then walked over to Kevin’s body.

The next thing Tyler knew, Esperanza had conjured up a wand and was busy waving it around and muttering to herself.  There was a slight flicker of the lights in the apartment and then nothing.  Tyler of course, was terrified.  “Wh-what the hell is going on?!” He said, wide-eyed.  “Just calm down, I simply put Kevin into a relaxed state – I’m trying to delay his turning – look, his wounds are gone.” She said, pointing her wand at Kevin’s body.

kevin healed

And, true to her words, Kevin’s wounds had all healed, all except for the marking on his necks.  “Wh-what are you?” He said, looking back at Esperanza.  Rolling her eyes, Esperanza put her wand away.  “I’m a witch you idiot, and that…” She pointed to Sebastian who was now walking back towards her, “Is my familiar, Sebastian.”

This was all too much, his landlady was a witch?! “I…I don’t…” Tyler stammered, obviously unsure of what to make of all this.  Esperanza smiled.  “Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense soon, come on, we’ve got to get Kevin out of here to somewhere more hospitable…Sebastian, would you mind? I don’t think Ty here is in a right state of mind to be any use…”


Mewling again, Sebastian stretched and right in front of Tyler’s eyes, appeared a rather attractive looking male.  “You know, you normies are all so hopeless, it’s a wonder you can even make it through the day with all the things you don’t know…” He said, obviously poking fun at Tyler.  “Hey now, be nice…” Esperanza chastised the man, only resulting in a chuckle from Sebastian.  Picking up Kevin, he headed back to the door.  “All right then, shall we be off?” He said, looking squarely at Tyler.

Albeit still stunned, Tyler followed the three of them out of his apartment and downstairs.  “You don’t mind if we use your cruiser, right Tyler? I mean it’ll get us there faster.” Esperanza’s words fell on deaf ears however, as Tyler’s mind was still spinning to try and make sense of this.  “Oi, Tyler!” Esperanza shouted, bringing his focus back to the matter at hand.  “Oh, yeah, yeah…but where are we going?” He asked.  “Well, to my house of course!” She said jovially.

Suddenly, Tyler’s whole body tensed up, he was going to his landlady’s – a witch – house! What exactly did a witch’s house look like? Images of creepy dolls and pots and vials on shelves all shot through his mind – he didn’t know if he could go through with this.


Sebastian chuckled.  “He’s freaking out about your house Esper.” He joked, as they loaded everyone up in the car.  “Oh, you don’t have to worry Ty, it’s perfectly normal!” She reassured him as they began driving.


As they arrived at Esperanza’s home, Tyler tensed up again.  Despite how unassuming it looked, he had a strange feeling that there were things in there he didn’t want to see.

“Well then, in we go!” Hopping out the car, the group of them trekked their way up to the front door and inside which – as a surprise to Tyler – looked just like a regular person’s home.  “See, I told you there wasn’t anything to worry about!” She said, patting him on the back.  Make yourself at home, Sebastian and I are going to take care of things with Kevin.

As the two of them disappeared down to what Tyler could only guess was the basement – he slumped down into the nearest couch and sighed.  It was times like these he wished he hadn’t quit smoking – his particular squadron leader back in the Marines had a rather huge dislike of it, so he forced him to quit cold turkey – something he didn’t enjoy doing.


Soon enough, Esperanza and Sebastian resurfaced – though Sebastian had apparently returned as a cat instead of a human.  The silence between the two (well three, since Sebastian wasn’t capable of speaking in his current form) was tense, and Esperanza apparently had to be the one to break it.  “So I know this is a lot to take in, but I do need you to try and stay with me here Tyler, there’s some things you need to know…”

Sebastian mewled in response, taking this opportunity to jump onto a nearby seat and lay down.  “Well, let me get this straight – my landlady, that’s you – is a witch, who has a shapeshifting cat…demon…thing, for a pet.” Sebastian hissed, obviously not pleased with being called a demon, or a thing.  “Kevin, the son of the mayor, somehow managed to get bitten by a vampire, and is in danger of probably killing us all and maybe even this whole town?” Tyler sighed, obviously frustrated with all of this.  “Ok, so yeah…it sounds a bit far-fetched when you first hear it, but there’s more…”

Sebastian mewled again, sitting up at attention – as if he was suddenly interested in what Esperanza had to say.

More? How can there be more?” He groaned, rubbing his temples – that smoke sounded really good right about now – if only he had a pack… “Well…” Sighing, she bit her lip before looking to Sebastian, who Tyler swore was grinning at him.  “I’m your sister.”

“You’re my what?!” He shouted.  Esperanza looked a bit crestfallen.  “I figured you wouldn’t take it well…” She murmured.  “Take it well?! YOU’RE A WITCH! HOW CAN WE EVEN BE RELATED?!” By now, Tyler was ready to just walk out the front door and leave his landlady and her craziness behind – this was too much for him.


“Well…” Esperanza sighed, biting her lip. “You know what? I think it’d be better if we talked to mom and dad about this…” She admitted, standing.  Tyler’s mouth fell open.  “Mom and Dad?!” Esperanza nodded.  “Yeah, they’ll probably do a better job of explaining this than I will…though I suppose this wouldn’t be the most opportune time to just up and leave…” Esperanza’s eyes wandered to the basement stairs.  There was a moment of silence before Esperanza snapped her fingers and looked at Sebastian – who Tyler could’ve sworn scowled in response.  “C’mon Sebastian! He probably won’t even be able to get out of the room! All you have to do is make sure he doesn’t get out!” She pleaded with the cat and Tyler, as an onlooker, couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Jumping off the chair, Sebastian looked square at Tyler before making his way to the basement stairs.  Esperanza called out from the top of the stairs.  “Thank youuuuuuuuu! I promise we’ll bring you back something nice!”  Turning on her heels, she looked at Tyler.

“Well then, lets go meet mom and dad!” She said, excitement lining her voice.


2 responses to “Chapter 03: Acceptance

  1. Wow, what a turn of events. The cat as a familiar thing had me think of Supernatural. 😉 But to find out that you have a witch sister after “saving” a boy who’s been bitten by a vampire and could likely kill the whole town… Yeah, that would be just a little too much for me as well.

  2. I love your characters! I think I spent the majority of the chapter laughing at their banter. Very intrigued to see what Tyler has to learn about his upside-down-inside-out life that he has previously been oblivious to. Also hoping we see a lot more of Sebastian!

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