Chapter 02: Bitten

sleeping kevin

It was cold.

Really cold.

Not only that, but his entire body felt weak, and his stomach was doing backflips.  Stirring a little, he shifted his body to make sure he had strength to move.  Thankfully he did, but when we got up, he was even more confused.  Where the hell was he?

“Ah, you’re up.”

His eyes shot to the door where the voice seemed to be coming from – in the doorframe stood a rather plain looking man – shaved head and a little stubble adorned his face, but outside of that, he looked rather average.  Opening his mouth to speak, Tyler interrupted him.  “First let me start off by saying that you’re in my apartment, and before you go asking me a slew of questions, I need to ask you a few things first. First…” His eyes didn’t move from Tyler’s body as he continued to move across the room – towards what he could only assume was his “workstation” – a lone laptop sitting atop a desk.

As Tyler sat down, he looked the boy over intently.  “What’s your name?” Tyler asked, looking over at him, fingers interlocked and arms folded.  “My name? It’s…” He paused, trying to gather the words – why couldn’t he remember his own name? Tyler nodded.  “As I figured, you’re suffering memory loss, probably from shock.” He paused.  “Well, let me help ease your mind.  My name is Tyler Fairview – I’m a police officer for St. Claire. What’s the last thing you remember?”

flashback to park

The boy fidgeted – the last thing he remembered? “Uh…I remember…a park…” He said, uncertainty lining his voice.  Tyler nodded.  “Good, good…I found you in a park last night.  You were pretty beat up and bloody.” Beat up? Bloody?

Why couldn’t he remember anything?

“And what do you remember from before that?” The boy sat, blank-eyed for a moment, before answering.  “I remember…walking home from the art gallery…I was heading for the subway…I…I don’t…” He began stammering, and Tyler held up a hand.  “That’s fine, that’s fine.” Standing up, he muttered under his breath. “Though now that makes things a lot more complicated…

Apparently, Tyler had a huge gap in his memory concerning the last 72 hours – his parents had put out an initial search claiming that they last saw him leaving the house for the Art Gallery…but nobody had anything else to add.

“Excuse me, Tyler?” The boy asked, looking up at the police officer.  “What exactly happened to me?” He asked.  “Well, that’s…” Tyler sighed, biting his lip.  “I’m not really sure…” He admitted.


“Oh great…the one moment she’s on time…” Tyler muttered, looking at the door leading out from his bedroom.  “Help yourself to the fridge and whatever you like – I should have some pizza in there still if you want it. I’ve got to go take care of something.”


Tyler headed out the bedroom towards the front door, pressing a button on his callbox.  “Yeah? Who is it?” He said gruffly. Of course he knew who it was, there was only one person as unpredictable to ring him this early in the morning.  “Now now, is that any way to talk to your landlady? I’m here to talk to you about your heating unit, can I come in?”

Letting her in, Tyler immediately got down to business.  “You know this is the third time this month that it’s broken down – I mean if you just let me repair it myself…” She shook her head, holding up a finger.  “I can’t let you do that, Ty!” Tyler rolled his eyes so hard, he felt they would fall out his head.  She had taken to calling him “Ty” lately, as if they were friends – if anything she was just a necessary evil – if he had the money to move somewhere else, he would in a heartbeat.  “I’ve got rules and regulations to follow, I can’t have tenants just up and repairing things, what would happen if you got hurt? It’d be my ass!”


It was here that the landlady caught sight of the teenager now making his way from the fridge.  “Wait a minute…” Squinting a bit, she stared right past Tyler towards the boy now scarfing down a slice of pizza.  “You’re Kevin Carmichael!” She shouted, surprise written all over her face.  Kevin, however, had no reaction.

“Who?” He said, mouth full of pizza.

“Kevin. Carmichael!” She repeated.  “You’re the mayor’s son! The whole city’s been on a manhunt for you for almost a week!” Kevin, still unfazed, continued munching on pizza.  Tyler, however, was almost seething.

“Esperanza…can we talk…outside?” He said, grabbing her by the arm and practically yanking her out the apartment.  As he shut the door behind him, he looked over her.  “What the hell are you doing?!” He said in a hushed tone.  Esperanza, hands on her hips, scowled.  “I could ask you the same thing! What are you doing housing a missing person in your apartment! Why didn’t you tell me!” She said, sounding almost insulted.  “I don’t have to tell you anything! You may be my landlady, but I am still an officer of the law, how I conduct my professional business is not your concern!” 


unconscious (again)

As their heated argument continued, an almost inhuman shriek tore them away from each other and back to Tyler’s apartment, where the sound came from – there they found Kevin lying on the floor in a heap, gasping for breath.  “Kevin, Kevin, what happened?!” Tyler said, running over to him and attempting to help him up.  However, as Tyler attempted to lift him, he realized the boy was drenched in sweat.  “You’re burning up Kevin!” He exclaimed.  “Come on, lets get you to bed!” He said, lifting the boy up and making his way back to his room.

“Wait!” Esperanza interrupted, walking over rather briskly.  “Tyler, quick, tell me, when you found Kevin, was there anything off about him?” She asked, a serious look on her face.  “Off? What do you mean?” He repeated.  “I mean off! Was he delirious? Confused? Anything?” Tyler groaned.  “Of course he was! He was probably dumped there by whoever took him! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they drugged him!”

Meanwhile, Kevin was fading in and out of consciousness, his head bobbing up and down as he clung to Tyler for support.  “H-Hungry…” Was the only thing he managed to say before finally passing out.

“Hungry?” Tyler repeated – but he just had a slice of pizza! How could he be hungry?  “Give him to me!” Esperanza shouted, snatching Kevin’s body from Tyler.  “Hey, what’re you doing?!” Tyler watched, irritated, as she laid him out on the floor.  “Look Tyler, just stand back and don’t do anything. We don’t have much time!”

Confusion overtook Tyler’s irritation – what the hell was this woman thinking?!


They needed to get Kevin to a hospital! “What the hell are you talking about? We need to get him medical treatment!” He shouted, getting out his phone and dialing 9-1-1.

“What part of we don’t have time don’t you get, Tyler? And they can’t do anything for him anyway!” She scolded him while removing Kevin’s shirt.  “What the hell do you mean?!” Tyler was practically ready to pass out himself – this woman was making no sense! Doctors unable to help a sick person? What was she going on about?

There was a momentary silence between the two of them as Tyler sat on hold with the hospital.

“Tyler, listen to me, and listen to me carefully – Kevin has been Bitten.”

Bitten? Like an animal attack?  Was that all? “You mean an animal attacked him? Well then we definitely need to take him to a hospital!” Esperanza shook her head.


“No.  He was Bitten. By a vampire.”

Author’s Note:

Well there you have it, chapter 2! I apologize for the lack of screenshots – most of the stuff I was trying to figure out how to capture ended up not looking all that great, so I just worked with what I could. Regardless, two chapters in a day isn’t all that bad! I’m hoping the third to be out sometime within the next couple days, so stay tuned!

One response to “Chapter 02: Bitten

  1. Interesting. I guess his landlady Esperanza is good for something. Though I wonder how she knows about vampire bites…

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