Chapter 01: Night Shift

home sweet home

It was cold outside, but it was probably even colder inside one young man’s apartment – if not apparent by the wisps of breath escaping his mouth, it was obvious by the fact that he was wrapped in blankets while watching the small T.V he had positioned at the end of his bed.

He hated it when his heater gave out because it forced him to go visit his landlady about it – and she was not only annoyingly cheerful, but a bit too…forward.  It wasn’t that she was unattractive – she certainly was – but the fact that he had spurned her multiple times and she had yet to stop was certainly annoying. Now he knew what all those women in movies felt like when a guy wouldn’t give up.

food run

Making his way to the fridge for something to warm him up – he heard a rather loud siren emitting from his TV – instinctively he shut the fridge and made his way back to the TV, turning up the volume.

“Breaking news out of downtown St. Claire, we’ve just received word…”

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you perceived the following events – his attention was drawn away from the newscaster detailing the story by his ringing cell phone – grumbling, he moved his way to the dresser and picked it up to see who it was – the police chief.

Tonight was going to be a long one.

call me

Picking it up and resting it against his neck, he rubbed his hands together to try and warm himself – he was definitely going to have a word with his landlady about that heater tomorrow.  “Yeah, Chief?” He spoke to the silence on the other end of the line.  “Tyler, I know it’s your night off and everything, but we’ve got an emergency and we’re shorthanded, what with the local manhunt for that celebrity’s kid…

The Police Chief was talking about Kevin Carmichael – he was the son of the town mayor who had been missing for about 72 hours now and practically the entire police force was out looking for him; personally, Tyler didn’t think they would find him, three days is a long time to be missing, so he just presumed the worst.

sure thing

“It’s fine chief, I wasn’t doing anything anyway…” Except freezing my ass off in this apartment, he complained internally.  “Right then, well we got a call in from Central Park and since you’re in the neighborhood…” The Chief sounded a bit desperate, even though Tyler really didn’t mind going – he was a proud workaholic, he didn’t do much else besides sleep and watch the news really – a point that his coworkers didn’t hesitate to bring up at every turn.

“All right then Chief, I’ll check it out and let you know.” Tyler agreed, and he could almost feel the tension release itself from the Chief’s voice, he was really wound up about this missing person’s case  – Tyler couldn’t imagine the blow-back they’d receive if he had to deliver the news that they hadn’t found his son – or worse.

“If you need a team or anything, don’t hesitate to put out an alert – the caller told us they simply heard screaming, but they didn’t go to investigate themselves, so be on your toes.


Taking the Chief’s warning in stride, he hung up and grabbed his badge and gun – he figured he wouldn’t need his uniform if he had his badge – he was off duty technically.

The drive over to Central Park was easy enough, and when he got there, he couldn’t see anyone else – it was completely deserted, save for the local wildlife.  Gun in hand, he made his way towards the center of the park, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

“Hello? SCPD! Anyone here?!”

Despite some faint wind whistling, Tyler heard nothing.  As he reached the central fountain, he called out again.  “Hello? SCPD! Anyone here?!” After waiting a few minutes for a response, he holstered his gun – it was obvious that nobody was here.  Taking out his phone, he began to dial the chief’s number.


It was midway through dialing however, that a rather disoriented young man stumbled out the bushes and right onto the side of the fountain, slumping over and practically giving Tyler a heart attack.  “Shit!” He screamed, almost falling over in the process.  The boy however, didn’t seem to realize Tyler was there initially – he was too busy trying to stand back up.

“Hey, hey!” Tyler called to the boy, who finally managed to look up at him – and what Tyler saw was something he’d never forget.


help me...

And then he was gone.

Author’s Note: And there you have it, the initial legacy chapter! To be honest, I’ve been mulling this idea around in my head for a while (even back when I was doing the Durant Legacy) but I didn’t I’d have the time to handle two legacies at once – but now that the Durant’s are no more (may they rest in peace) I figured why not?

I’ve actually got the second chapter all finished up as well, I just need to edit the screenshots so they look presentable – I’m in the process of doing that now, so it should be up before the end of the day!

One response to “Chapter 01: Night Shift

  1. Great intro chapter. Tyler is a handsome fella and I bet he’s a pretty good cop too. I wonder what is in store for him. That poor guy. I hope he can be saved. Looks pretty beaten up.

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