Chapter 03: Acceptance

riding the airwaves

Life had inverted for Tyler Fairview – literally no more than 48 hours ago, he was busy sitting at home (freezing, of course) and watching the news – he never would’ve guessed that in two days, his entire world would’ve been turned upside down AND inside out?

“No. He was Bitten. By a Vampire.”


When he first heard the words, there was almost nothing he could do to stop from laughing.  His landlady was crazy! Vampires? That’s what she came up with?!

After his laughing fit – during which Esperanza was busy pacing around the room muttering to herself – he proceeded to take charge of the situation – or attempt to.  “Okay, all right, all right, now that that’s over and done with, what do you say we get him to a hospital?” He said, hoisting Kevin up against a wall while dialing 911 again.

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Chapter 02: Bitten

sleeping kevin

It was cold.

Really cold.

Not only that, but his entire body felt weak, and his stomach was doing backflips.  Stirring a little, he shifted his body to make sure he had strength to move.  Thankfully he did, but when we got up, he was even more confused.  Where the hell was he?

“Ah, you’re up.”

His eyes shot to the door where the voice seemed to be coming from – in the doorframe stood a rather plain looking man – shaved head and a little stubble adorned his face, but outside of that, he looked rather average.  Opening his mouth to speak, Tyler interrupted him.  “First let me start off by saying that you’re in my apartment, and before you go asking me a slew of questions, I need to ask you a few things first. First…” His eyes didn’t move from Tyler’s body as he continued to move across the room – towards what he could only assume was his “workstation” – a lone laptop sitting atop a desk.

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Chapter 01: Night Shift

home sweet home

It was cold outside, but it was probably even colder inside one young man’s apartment – if not apparent by the wisps of breath escaping his mouth, it was obvious by the fact that he was wrapped in blankets while watching the small T.V he had positioned at the end of his bed.

He hated it when his heater gave out because it forced him to go visit his landlady about it – and she was not only annoyingly cheerful, but a bit too…forward.  It wasn’t that she was unattractive – she certainly was – but the fact that he had spurned her multiple times and she had yet to stop was certainly annoying. Now he knew what all those women in movies felt like when a guy wouldn’t give up.

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